Choc-Vanilla Chia Puddings 

Super easy and quick to whip up, these puddings are great for a quick meal or grab-and-go snack.  I like to make some on the weekend and pop in the fridge to get me ahead for the busy work week.  Ingredients 1/2 cup chia seeds  2 cups almond milk 2 tbsp protein powder (I used…… Continue reading Choc-Vanilla Chia Puddings 


Cinnamon donuts 

1/2 cup protein pancake mix 2 eggs  120ml milk of choice (I used coconut milk) 2 teaspoons of organic Stevia (this was enough for me however feel free to adjust to taste) 2 teaspoons of coconut flour Method Preheat oven to 160 degrees fan forced 1  combine all ingredients in a bowl 2 pour batter…… Continue reading Cinnamon donuts 


Low Carb Mocha Donuts 🍩😉

If you only ever make one of my recipes, make it this one! These Low-Carb Mocha Protein Donuts are deliciously moist, chocolatey, filling Aaaaand Good For You! #winning!! ✅Low carb ✅Gluten free ✅Guilt free ✅Tastes amazing They are moist and slightly crumbly, and then you add the chocolate cream cheese frosting on top, take a…… Continue reading Low Carb Mocha Donuts 🍩😉


Low Carb Strawberries and Cream Donuts! 🍩💕👌

In honour of national donut day yesterday…. I present to you: Low Carb Strawberries and Cream Donuts! 🍩💕👌  Makes 4 donuts (yes there are only 3 in the pic, i couldn’t stop myself 😋😁) Ingredients  2/3 cup protein muffin mix  2 eggs  100ml milk  50g frozen berries, thawed  1 tbsp Stevia Icing  50g cream cheese, softened …… Continue reading Low Carb Strawberries and Cream Donuts! 🍩💕👌

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Low carb vanilla soufflé

Low carb vanilla soufflé!! ❤ this is surprisingly easy to make 😊 Ingredients  5 egg whites  5 egg yolks 250g marscapone  200g cream cheese  50ml cream  2tsp powdered Stevia  1/2 TSP maple syrup  2 TSP vanilla essence  Method  1. Beat egg whites with electric beaters until stiff peaks form  2. In a separate bowl, combine…… Continue reading Low carb vanilla soufflé


LCHF berry bliss bombs 

Super easy and quick to make these lchf Berry Bliss Bombs are excellent go to snack that just about anyone can make! Ingredients: 1 cup berries (I used frozen raspberries) 1/2 cup cream Method 1. Place the cream and berries in a medium sized bowl or jug 2. Using a hand mixer mix the cream…… Continue reading LCHF berry bliss bombs